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Name: Andy Cowan (Homepage)
Residence: Cranbury NJ Date: Mon Oct 16 16:57:19 2000
Comment: My regards to all of my White Alice freinds.

Name: Priscilla (Homepage)
Residence: Shaktoolik Date: Tue Oct 3 20:37:57 2000
Comment: Does anyone know how I can find out about who went to the White Alice Military Project in 1960's with James Moon? Any help on finding out additional info about the site or James would really help. Thanks

Name: Priscilla Savetilik (Homepage)
Residence: Shaktoolik Date: Fri Sep 29 23:43:43 2000
Comment: Looking for James Moon that was working on the White Alice Military Project 5 in Unalakleet, Alaska in the early 1960's. James has 36 year old daughter that would really like to meet him. Any info would help. Please respond. Thanks

Name: Bob Naff (Homepage)
Residence: Seattle, Wa Date: Mon Sep 25 22:45:43 2000
Comment: Born in Anchorage, grew up in Southeast, Ketchican and Sitka. Father was 17 years with he ACS in Alaska, three in Seattle.. WACS at Adak from October of 1966 to October of 1967 with RCA as an A tech on 50KW tropo and ancillary equipment. Joined Federal Electric in 1977 and was the Manager of Employee Relations for Felec Services (BMEWS, DEW and NARS) from 1979 to 1987.

Name: Duane (Homepage)
Residence: Vancouver, WA. Date: Mon Sep 25 06:08:27 2000
Comment: Spent over 30 years in Alaska. Worked for ACS, NWS, and FAA. Started out at Tok (TKJ). Spent time at Juneau, Lena Point, Annette Island, Haines, Anchorage, Barrow, Cold Bay, Hoonah, etc. Travelled out of both Juneau and Anchorage to small remote sites for several years. Retired in February, and came south about 3 weeks ago. Great Site!!

Name: Lars Nedwick (Homepage)
Residence: kotzebue, ak Date: Tue Sep 12 08:39:55 2000
Comment: Just moved up here to fly for a local air service, Bering Air. In the last couple of weeks

Name: Jerry McDonald (Homepage)
Residence: Gig Harbor, Wa Date: Sun Aug 27 04:37:23 2000
Comment: 1975-1978:Kal Creek-Cape Romansoff-Pedro Dome
1979-1985:Pipeline/Page Comm
1986-1988 Dew Line
Was great working WACS , recurited by Ernie Hobbs(Reverend Black Bart of the White Alice)
4A/PBX tech.
Currently winding down with ATT Wireless.

Name: George Brown (Homepage)
Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma Date: Sat Aug 26 04:28:21 2000
Comment: I spent 10 months at liz ,september 63/may64 and I liked it very much. beautiful view both north and south, espically when the Ice moved in and out from one direction to the other with the wind change.

Name: Roy Wells (Homepage)
Residence: Las Cruces, NM Date: Thu Jul 27 17:27:45 2000
Comment: I worked at Granite Mountain (GMT)June, 1967 to September, 1968 and now think of that time as the best job I ever had. I also used to walk down the mountain and help old Charlie Moon, the gold miner who lived down there, do his mining work. I still have those nuggets that I pulled out of Sweepstakes Creek. I always asked to work night shift so I would have the day free to hike around the area or work at Charlie's place. I

Name: Tom Smith (Homepage)
Residence: Largo, Fl Date: Mon Jul 17 04:04:50 2000
Comment: Thanks for bringing back memories of the most beautiful, most desolate places on earth! Worked @ Kotzebue, Aniak, Northeast Cape - '57 to '59. Have a bunch of 35mm slides & shaky 8mm movies transposed to video, if you have any interest. Also some b&w polaroid of various spots around the system.

Name: Richard (Sven) Engblom (Homepage)
Residence: Chambersburg, P Date: Mon Jul 17 01:55:41 2000
Comment: Spent about 10 years in the system working at Kodiak, Kal Creek, Cape Lisbourne, Kotzebue, and Pedro Dome. Was Site Spvr at Kotzebue (60) and Pedro from 60 to 66. Have good memories of the days I spent in Alaska. Congratulations on a good web site. Shows a lot of work.

Name: Robert Dunaway (Homepage)
Residence: Southlake, TX Date: Mon Jun 26 19:26:01 2000
Comment: Worked with Louie Halfin for a number of years on NARS. I spent many hours listening to Louie "pine" about the White Alice system.

Great site! Hey is that Louie in the picture?

Name: Joe Greenberg (Homepage)
Residence: Garland Texas Date: Mon Jun 26 17:27:24 2000
Comment: I was stationed at Fort Yukon in 1968-1969, Visted the White Alice site a few times.

Name: Ron Watson (Homepage)
Residence: West Virginia Date: Sat Jun 24 01:02:02 2000
Comment: I was at FT.YUKON May67 to May 68. Looking for old friends.

Name: mike schroff (Homepage)
Residence: colorado Date: Fri Jun 16 18:06:53 2000
Comment: hey grandpa

Name: Bill Diedrich (Homepage)
Residence: Eagle River, AK Date: Wed May 31 10:34:02 2000
Comment: 1958 to 1969 - Tin City, Cape Lisburne, Kalakaket Ck., Big Mt., Sparrevohn, Kotzebue,
Northeast Cape, Cape Romanzof, & Tatalina. (All the good places)

Name: Jerry Stangel (Homepage)
Residence: Oregon Date: Fri May 26 04:45:47 2000
Comment: Worked at Sparevohn (can't even remember the spelling) early 1969, Yakataga the summer of 1969
(Bill Oats are you out there?) and Adak late 1969
and early 1970.

Name: Jim Muffett (Homepage)
Residence: Mackay, ID Date: Fri May 12 13:52:41 2000
Comment: Hi, I was at SVW, OHC, TNC, TLI, LUR and CDB. Was training instructor at SVW and BCC. Good job on the web page Bill. Does anyone know where Pete Hillis is? Was at OHC in 1968. Jim

Name: TSgt James Frank (Homepage)
Residence: Elmendorf AFB Date: Thu May 11 17:33:28 2000
Comment: Bill, great web site. Thanks for forwarding it. I will pass along some of our historical photos so you can add to your collection. Best wishes...

Name: Roland Moe Warman (Homepage)
Residence: Date: Wed May 10 07:22:01 2000
Comment: Glad to see a White Alice site. I worked on the system from 57 to 61 and returned to system in 73 through 74. Worked at Kotzebue, Diamond Ridge, Big Mountain and Kal Creek. Would like to get in touch with other ex White Alice techs.