Name: Mark MacNeil
Residence: Eugene, OR Date: Wed Jul 6 03:43:31 2005
Comment: I really enjoyed seeing the picture of Jake Tuckerman in Gallery 4. I had the outstanding opportunity to work for Mr. Tuckerman in 1984 in the Leased Line office at Elmendorf AFB, AK. 

It was an absolute honor to nominate him for the Elmendorf "Messiest Desk of the Year" award! He was absolutely one of the sharpests individuals, and kindest, that I've ever had the opportunity of working for.

Name: Oscar Lathrop
Residence: Date: Tue Jul 5 07:02:21 2005
Comment: SVW 18 months, 1966-67

Name: Richard Bilomasur
Residence: Vernon, NJ Date: Fri Jun 17 09:15:38 2005
Comment: Alaska Feb 73 to June 81: ITT WACS vacation relief: Tatalina, Big Mtn, Indian Mtn, Kalakaket Creek, Ft Yukon, Cold Bay, Port Mollar, Cape Sarachef, Clear, Ft Yukon; RCA: Cold Bay AWACS with Aleutian fishing village earth station , Diamond Ridge , Lean Point ES; 81 to present: Vernon Valley ES (I sometimes have black bears in my backyard). Whatever happened to Hank Ickes who I met a Cold Bay. I was surprised he mentioned me.

Name: Fern (Homepage)
Residence: new york Date: Thu Jun 16 04:37:49 2005
Comment: I am looking for people who worked in Aniak or Lonely for ITT or RCA. 
Please send me an email !

Name: Mike Heusser
Residence: Palmer, Alaska Date: Fri May 27 07:02:04 2005
Comment: Great web site

Name: Gene Silvernail
Residence: 509-943-4318 Date: Tue May 24 18:18:15 2005
Comment: I see references to Charlie Moon at Bear Creek, is this the same Charlie Moon from GMT that was the son of the original Moon as in Moon & Baldwin that started somewhere in the early 1900's. Charlie was sixty plus years old when I knew him there in 1969. 


Name: Gene Silvernail
Residence: 509-943-4318 Date: Tue May 24 18:13:33 2005
Comment: Worked WACS at AKN SVW GMT 1969 1972

Name: Gene
Residence: 509-943-4318 Date: Tue May 24 18:13:04 2005
Comment: Worked WACS at AKN SVW GMT 1969 1972

Name: gus rodes
Residence: Kenai ak Date: Tue May 10 04:37:35 2005
Comment: I works White Alice from 1957 till 1960 I was in class 8

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Mon May 2 02:54:11 2005
Comment: For anyone who knew or is interested in Ernie Hobbs, also known as Black Bart and The Rev. Mr. Black, he is 78, alive and kicking in Anchorage... Retired in 1992 from the Anchorage Tel Util. talked with by phone today...

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Sat Apr 30 17:52:24 2005
Comment: Just checking back in again to read new entry's... Always good to see what's happening with the old gang.... Somebody must know something about the whereabouts of Bob Oates ???... Enough people looking for him including myself... Good luck to all ...

Name: Ken Swickard
Residence: Redding, CA Date: Tue Apr 26 18:46:10 2005
Comment: Really enjoy the site. I was a relief site medic at Fire Island, Sparrevohn (both top and bottom), NorthEast Cape, Cape Romanzof, Tin City, and Indian Mountain (Top Camp) in 66 and 67. I would give limited medical help to the White Alice guys as requested, (aspirin, cough meds, etc.) as the military really frowned upon us treating civilians.

Name: Jerry Stangel
Residence: Redmond, Or Date: Sun Apr 24 04:57:47 2005
Comment: I worked at Sparrevohn, Yakataga, and Adak 1969 and 1970 and then returned for a few months at Sheyma in 1977. From 1970 to 1977 I worked for RCA in Anchorage at the toll center, then to Kenai for a couple of years and then worked the pipeline job for about a year and a half. If anyone knows the where abouts of Bob Oats I would really appreciate that information. I worked with him at Yakataga in the summer of 1969 and I know he spent many years at that site and then I lost track of him.

Name: Dave Herron
Residence: Renton, WA Date: Fri Mar 11 08:28:19 2005
Comment: What a great website! It's such a learning experience for those of us who never heard of WACS. You have so much info here, the stories and pixs really help tell what life was like at these sites. It also tells of many of our country's best! - people who engineered, constructed, operated and maintained this colossal communications system. The sites were true monuments to the men and women whose courage and bravery kept the 'light on' at these remote and (sometimes) hostile locations. Thnx-al

Name: Francis Costa
Residence: New York Date: Thu Mar 10 17:29:37 2005
Comment: I worked on the white alice system in 1957 and 1958 at the Bear Creek Station.I have picturess I would love to share.I live in New york and would love to hear from anyone who worked at White Alice in the late 1950s.My adress is P.O. box 2541 North babylon New York 11703. Dick Attwood I knew from Bear Creek and was sorry to hear of his passing.I also worked with Lou Mata. Larry Kincaid is mentioned and I went to school with him in Anchorage.

Name: ron winegar
Residence: panama city,fl Date: Wed Feb 23 08:05:47 2005
Comment: I signed on previously without having an email address, but have one now. would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at any of the radar sites, particularly at ft. yukon, ak.

Name: Jim Perotte
Residence: Goleta, ca Date: Fri Feb 18 02:49:52 2005
Comment: Bell/Western installer at Newenham, Bethel, and Nikolski. Was station keeper at Newenham till got first communication link prior to Fed Elect. Last task was installing electric outlet in tower at 4o below. Played tag with the foxes.

Name: Walt Brown
Residence: El Paso, Texas Date: Thu Jan 27 05:59:13 2005
Comment: Wow! What great memories fall forth. I really love all the memories. Great site! I worked SVW 7/70 to 7/73, Transferred to PHQ, worked in QA for Larry Gaddy. Spent about 3 months at Nikolski in, I believe '75, closing out the site, to turn it over to RCA. I would give anything to be able to go back to SVW, just to see what is left. Hi and good luck to all. Walt

Name: Tom Carstensen
Residence: Winter Park Fl Date: Sat Jan 22 12:04:40 2005
Comment: Hi I am still looking for Larry White I appriciate anyones help thanks Tom.

Name: Ron Holmes
Residence: Pittsburgh Pa. Date: Fri Jan 14 02:38:31 2005
Comment: I was at det #1 Nikolski as an air force cook for the longest year of my life!Go south young man