Name: Tom Lachendro
Residence: Allentown, PA Date: Sat Dec 23 14:44:42 2006
Comment: I heard about the WACS while watching an Alaska Gold Mining show called Buzzardite Classics. The host ran into one of these stations near the arctic circle and showed the generators and equipment inside. As a ham operator I was very interested. Thanks for a great website.

Name: Patrick Adams
Residence: Indianapolis Date: Tue Dec 19 02:37:52 2006
Comment: I am looking for a copy of a movie the FAA made about White Alice. My Father was in the movie. Maybe, it may have been a DOD film. Please contact me if you know how I can get a copy.

Name: Jimmy Stewart
Residence: Dominican Repub Date: Tue Nov 14 15:15:21 2006
Comment: Any people out there from the ITT period.

Name: Gray Frierson Haertig
Residence: Portland, OR Date: Sun Nov 12 04:24:03 2006
Comment: HNH March 1974, Training Site 
CYT April 1974, TDY 
SVW May 1974-December 1974 

Have been a consulting radio engineer in Portland for the last 20 years. 

Ran into Dick Varney (site sup @ CYT) at a Farinion microwave class several years ago. He was working as a microwave tech for the Washington State Patrol and still raising horses. 

CYT is clearly visible on Google Earth and seems to be intact.

Name: Ron Winegar
Residence: Panama City, Fl Date: Thu Oct 5 05:53:22 2006
Comment: I was stationed at Ft. Yukon from 73-74 as a radar operator with the USAF. Would like to hear from anybody that was stationed at any of the sites.

Name: Ron Williams
Residence: Schaumburg, IL Date: Tue Aug 1 04:39:21 2006
Comment: Part of a Motorola team that installed an experimental digital voice link between Adak and Shemya in 1968. RCA personnel widened the bandwidth of the White Alice PA 's to facilitate the tests. Channel capacity was improved but the prospect of satellite communications made permanent installations not cost effective. The baseband equipment was called Mark II Deltaplex. We were awe struck by the White Alice tropo system when we compared it to our tactical tropo TRC-105 system.

Name: Tom Austin
Residence: Eagle River, AK Date: Sat Jul 29 05:31:30 2006
Comment: Wonderful site. I like to read history. My dad was a surveyor with Morrison-Knutsen working out of King Salmon. He said he did the rough mapping for the White Alice sites. I have photos he took, but don't know were many were taken. This site might help.

Name: Bill Everly
Residence: Washington Date: Mon Jul 17 15:10:24 2006
Comment: Ernie Garner passed away July 2, 2006 at age 83.

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Sat Jun 24 20:35:53 2006
Comment: Just checked back into the site after a year and a half... Glad I'm able to be back after some medical problems in Sept...2005 .. 5 heart bypasses, and abdominal surgery all at the same time... I see more of the old timers like DeJay Johnson checking into the site... Wish you all well

Name: George Jarrett
Residence: Newman Lake WA. Date: Fri Jun 9 17:59:49 2006
Comment: Hello I was WACS Supervisor at Tin C. - Sparrev 60- 61, Clear 62-64, Newingham 71-73, . Also worked out of Delta-Tok, Glenallen to Wainwright AFB. Newinhamers '71-73 might rember my red cessna flipped upside down by wind and pushed length of runway. Had to park a Track driven snow-vehicle on wing to hold it down 50-70 mph wind gusts. Hello friends

Name: George Jarrett
Residence: Newman Lake WA. Date: Fri Jun 9 17:57:46 2006
Comment: Hello I was WACS Supervisor at Tin C. - Sparrev 60- 61, Clear 62-64, Newingham 71-73, . Also worked out of Delta-Tok, Glenallen to Wainwright AFB. Newinhamers '71-73 might rember my red cessna flipped upside down by wind and pushed lenth of runway. Had to Track snow-vehicle on wing to hold it down 50-70 mph wind gusts. Hello friends

Name: Pat Sepe (Homepage)
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Sun Jun 4 23:44:46 2006
Comment: Worked at Kalakaket Creek in the mid-seventies, (inside mech), 
Great times, great adventures, and some great guys to work with. 

Then worked at Cold Bay, (plant foreman), 

Fond memories to be sure, 
I never miss a chance to show my photo album and tell some of the stories, (all mostly true, ;-) 


Residence: texas Date: Sun Jun 4 14:47:35 2006
Comment: tech at cape newenham & bethel, supervisor north east and nikolski. 1960-1964 

Name: Donald \"DeJay\" Johnson
Residence: Anchorage Date: Mon May 29 22:52:32 2006
Comment: While I was a Alascom Installer 74-98 I worked at some of these sites with some of you guys. (Dick Mageske,Fred Herron,John Spencer,C. Christiansen,Dick Loesch,Moe Warman and Bob Oates. 


Name: Roger Peterson
Residence: Bend, Oregon Date: Sat May 6 05:21:27 2006
Comment: Great site to see familiar names from years ago. 
Tech. at GMT 1965, KKK 1966, Duncan Canal 1967-1970, Honnah 1970-1973

Name: Joe Stevens (Homepage)
Residence: Kodiak Alaska Date: Fri Apr 28 10:35:38 2006
Comment: I worked with the same Lenkurt equipment through the 1970s. I remember when talking on WACS the path could fade in one direction. I would hold the connection and eventually it would come back up. I would like to build a replica WACS testboard at the Kodiak Military History Museum where we have some vintage equipment working. We need some jack strips and other small parts if anyone has some to donate. Do you remember Murray and Varley tests on open wire?

Name: Andy Cowan
Residence: Date: Fri Apr 14 14:55:54 2006
Comment: Today is April 14, 2006 and I received word that Andy Cowan just passed away. Andy was Manager of White Alice for years, and I am sure many recall him. He would have been in his eighties now. 
If you would like to drop his family a sympathy card or in some way send your sympathy to the family, I will include the address below. 
Helen Cowan 
44 Rocky Brook Road 
Cranbury, NJ 08512

Name: Abdul Karim
Residence: E Brunswick, NJ Date: Fri Apr 14 01:33:31 2006
Comment: this is the first post iv made in a couple years. hello to every one i know. my main purpose for this entry is to let those of you who knew him,know that Andrew Cowan, who was operations manager for most of the early 1960s passed away today, after a long illness. We had remained good friends through the years. He and his wife helen live only about 20 ninutes from us, so we saw them often.

Name: Bob Krcelic
Residence: The Villages, F Date: Thu Mar 16 16:57:35 2006
Comment: Arrived in Alaska November 1956, White Alice Class #3. Transferred to NASA Project at Kennedy Space Center January 1966. Assignments as technician in Anchorage ACS & Fire Island until September 1960. Assignments as Site Supervisor at Northeast Cape 1960-1961; Glennallen 1961; Smuggler Cove 1961-1964; Elmendorf Base Comm 1964-1966. Great experience. Made many life long friends with whom I still correspond with and visit when able.

Name: John McGraw
Residence: Vancouver,WA. Date: Mon Mar 13 02:19:35 2006
Comment: Update on Email address