Name: Clayton Benner
Residence: California, USA Date: Sat Feb 9 00:43:40 2008
Comment: FEC-WACS Class #25. Bear Creek, Kal Creek, Campion, King Salmon 1958-1959. Overseas 1960-62 and 1967-79. California since returning from overseas. Home is in Westlake Village, a suburb of Thousand Oaks. Retired from GTE (aka Verizon)in NOv-1994. Golf.. Digital video editing.. Orchard.

Name: Mark Laws
Residence: Milwaukie, Or. Date: Thu Jan 3 05:25:11 2008
Comment: USN stationed at Kodiak, Pillar relay sta fm 4/66 to 4/67.

Name: Emiliano \"Quinn\" Quindiagan
Residence: St. Petersburg Date: Wed Dec 19 07:31:55 2007
Comment: 1961-1966, and 1968-1969: Tech B Aniak, Tech A Newenham, Smuggler's Cove, Ketchikan, Site Supvr. Tin City. Retired from E-Systems, ECI Division 1989; retired Meros, Smith, Lazzara and Olney, P.A., 2007. Current residence 4640 12th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713, 727-327-7573.

Name: Walt Brown
Residence: El Paso, Texas Date: Mon Nov 19 22:38:09 2007
Comment: For all who new him, I have learned that Jerry Karim left us in August of '95. Jerry was the Bull Cook at SVW when I knew him. A happier guy I don 't think I ever knew. Each night, after his dinner duties, Jerry would go shower, dress in his finest clothes, and then come to the bar to party. We all in our grungies, and Jerry dressed to the 9 's. He made life at SVW bearable. He was a special guy, and I miss him. Fare thee well, Jerry.

Name: Larry Jones (Homepage)
Residence: Florence, MT Date: Tue Oct 30 17:18:38 2007
Comment: 1968- 1969, I was there! Campion (outside Galena AFB) briefly at Kalakaket Creek (sp?) 
and Boswell Bay (Hinchenbrook Island) near Cordova. Sure brings back a lot of memories. Must find my photo collection before it turns to dust. 

Updated current address and web page. still haven't scanned my photos.

Name: Frank Gonzales
Residence: Newbury, Ohio Date: Sat Oct 13 20:00:42 2007
Comment: Hello to all my friends. I was with WACS 1971 -1973 Port Moller. 1973 - 1976 SCSRC in Anchorge. Wonderful time . I'm now retired with my wife Susan in Ohio.

Name: John W spencer
Residence: usa-MA Date: Tue Sep 11 03:02:00 2007
Comment: Does anyone know about Dave Jones. I worked with him in 1962-9962

Name: Leonard Konkel
Residence: Hot Springs Vig Date: Wed Jul 18 21:30:00 2007
Comment: I was on the White Alice construction site in l956 and l957 to validate all the Allis-Chalmers stand-by generators that were installed at the area sites. I was teamed up with Western Electric. I worked with Ernie Ihnken and Paul Southwell. Anyone out there who worked on the construction sites?

Name: Tom Smith
Residence: Florida Date: Mon Jun 25 02:38:58 2007
Comment: Arrived in Anchorage 50 years ago today for class #9. Best job i ever had!

Name: Ramon Gandia (Homepage)
Residence: Nome, Alaska Date: Sat Jun 9 13:51:40 2007
Comment: I am a retired bush pilot, 1967-1988 and flew to 
a lot of those sites, Tin City, N.E. Cape, Liz, 
Peard Bay, Pt Lay, Barrow, Lonely and Oliktok. 
I live in Nome. Anvil is gone except antennas. 
All of it lives on only in my memories... 

Name: Anna Karim
Residence: Date: Fri Jun 8 16:21:51 2007
Comment: To All: Sadly, Ab passed away on April 19,2007 at Robert Wood Hosp. in New Brunswick, NJ. I was at his side. We lived a full, happy life together with many great memories of our days at White Alice. We have 1 daughter and 5 grandchildren.

Name: Walt Brown
Residence: El Paso, Yexas Date: Sun May 27 18:36:11 2007
Comment: Worked at Sparrevohn abouy 1970 - 1973, PHQ from '73 - '75. Went to Spain, came back in about '76 for a year at Cape Lizburne for RCA as the Air to Ground Radio Tech (Not a part of WACS.) 
Great page and memories. Thanks

Residence: BRECKENRIDGE TX Date: Thu May 17 15:54:41 2007
BETHEL 1961 

Name: Dick Loesch
Residence: Carmichael CA Date: Sat Apr 28 18:13:11 2007
Comment: Just an up date on my e-mail address. Surewest put fiber into Carmichael area so I switched providers. 916-283-6444.

Residence: Van Buren, Date: Thu Mar 29 00:21:18 2007
Comment: New Email address. Would like to hear from ya. 

Name: Roger Peteron
Residence: Sunriver, Or. Date: Mon Mar 26 15:35:00 2007
Comment: Hi Cris, 
I worked at the Granite Mt. White Alice station in 1965. I enjoyed skiing down the mountain to the hot springs. Used to build a fire at the cabin and strip off and jump into the hot springs. I'll find some photos if interested. 
Roger 541-593-1965

Name: Chris Campbell
Residence: Anchorage Date: Fri Mar 2 19:09:07 2007
Comment: Hi, I am working with the Airforce gathering information about Native use of hotsprings near Granite Mountain, or any other use of the area by Native peoples, or of the importance of the area to them. I understand that in the late '60's there was a cabin at the hotsprings, and elders traveled from as far away as Noorvik to soak their arthritic bones. If anyone has recollections or photographs of this site, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks! Chris

Name: David Deihl
Residence: Garland, Texas Date: Wed Feb 14 07:35:45 2007
Comment: I retired from the USAF in 1976. I was stationed at Northeast Cape, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska in 1956. Is there any way I can contact Dave Hayes who wrote his Alaskan Reminisces dated 1998. Can anyone get me his email address? 

Name: Wayne Eberhard
Residence: Raleigh, NC Date: Thu Feb 8 17:45:22 2007

Name: Darwin Long
Residence: Tucson Arizona Date: Thu Jan 18 16:33:46 2007
Comment: I was stationed at Fort Yukon 1970-1971. I will 
never forget it....especially the milkrun I took in a C-123 to the Bob Hope Show. We went to Galena, Indian Mountain, Unalakleet just to name a 
few picking up guys to take to the show.