Name: Joseph Klejka
Residence: Bethel Date: Tue Aug 11 18:31:31 2009
Comment: thanks for the site. It answered a lot of questions (especially the name white alice). Someone told me and I wonder if it is true, that the white alice technology is the form of detection best suited to detecting our new stealth fighters?

Name: Tom Pitman
Residence: Xenia, OH Date: Tue May 26 21:59:16 2009
Comment: Was stationed at Indian Mountain Base Camp from June 1952 until June 1953. Was a Radio Operator. The radar site was just starting to be built up on the mountain. Guess I was there about the second year after that site came into being. Drew overseas pay and played poker using real silver dollars as poker chips. Don't know if anyone is still around from that time period.

Name: Sven Engblom
Residence: Chambersburg, P Date: Sun May 3 22:10:23 2009
Comment: Checking in again. Worked the system Apr 57 to Oct 66. Really had a great time there and worked with many, many fine people. Worked at a number of stations including KKK, PJD, LUR, and OTZ.

Name: Kay Horton
Residence: Wasilla Date: Wed Apr 29 06:04:15 2009
Comment: Still Alive...... 
Hope the rest of my cohorts have faired as well.

Name: Patrick Woodruff
Residence: Minnesota Date: Sun Mar 29 04:49:36 2009
Comment: Spent the winter of 63-64 at the former AF base in Bethel, White Alice was next door. Spent 65-67 in Unalakleet, the site was down from our cabin. 
Good memories.

Name: Marvin I. Garber
Residence: United States Date: Mon Feb 16 04:22:43 2009
Comment: I was at Kalakaket and Campion.

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Sat Jan 31 18:53:06 2009
Comment: Just a note that Stan Taylor, long time supervisor at Ktn ACS/ALASCOM and his brother, a data tech at Ktn, long time, both passed away in 2008... both from cancer... I worked for Stan and with Steve for 10 years in the 80 's..

Name: Patrick D. Garvin
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Thu Jan 22 02:30:26 2009
Comment: I am a communications contractor working in AK, and I truly enjoyed looking at the galleries and reading the stories from the White Alice Sites. 

Thank you

Name: Kees van Weel
Residence: Chauncey, Ohio Date: Sat Jan 10 18:09:39 2009
Comment: It is hard to believe that it took me so long to find this site! I trained in Bear Creek early in 1968, then was sent out to Adak. From there I went to Shemya, the following year to Cape Yakataga. I have fond memories, see lots of familiar names. Did anyone ever locate Bob Oates?

Name: Larry DeSoto
Residence: Date: Sat Jan 10 05:11:56 2009
Comment: I worked for Western Electric during the era when White Alice, the DEW line and SOSUS were built. I worked on SOSUS but I knew a few of the engineers and installers who were involved with the construction of White Alice. I spent 2 years on Adak with SOSUS, right under the hill where White Alice sat. There is nothing there now except a hill with a flat top. 

The Reeve Cold Bay terminal sign brings back memories but it doesn't look right without the mist and fog swirling around it.

Name: Mel Logan
Residence: Newport, Wa. Date: Mon Dec 22 00:46:03 2008
Comment: Just recently found this website and I am very glad to see it. It is sad to see the many friends and co-workers that have passed on. I was on Shemya, Adak, Lisburne, Port Moller, Port Heiden, Bethel, Anchorage ACS, Performance Control and finally at the C&E Depot. Not necessarily in that order. I was in John McGraws class in '62. I left Alaska in 1976. I can say without a doubt that it was the best time of my life. I looked up Joe Tardy in 2002. Lots of memories. 

Name: Bob Johnson
Residence: Lacey, WA Date: Sun Nov 30 21:08:31 2008
Comment: Just checking in again. I was on WACS from 11/66 to 7/75, with a couple breaks in service. Trained at SVW, worked SYA, ADK and BSW as tech, and was Section Sup at OTZ and KKK sectors 71-72; Site Sup. BSW 73-74. Engr Supvr in ANC with ITT 74-75.

Name: james helmold
Residence: bonney lake, WA Date: Thu Nov 20 00:29:23 2008

Name: William H Barnes
Residence: South Carolina Date: Sun Nov 2 04:04:34 2008
Comment: I was at Cape Newenham White Alice 1965-may66. My pics can be seen on MSN Groups,Cape Newenham; but they are moving the site in feb '09; I got there a few month before Owen St.Clair left (one of site managers)

Name: Olin Hester
Residence: St. Thomas, VI Date: Mon Oct 27 04:33:42 2008
Comment: I worked WACS from March 1964 - November 1967.Tech at Cape Yakataga and Shemya. Site Supv at Tin City, Sparavohn and Boswell Bay. Also instructor at Sparavohn.

Name: Farmer Ed Alspaugh
Residence: Arkansas Date: Thu Oct 9 11:39:43 2008
Comment: Spent my time at Cape Lisburne 1976-1977. One of the last to leave from Det 10. Funny how a place like that can stick with you all these years. Would love to visit again...

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Fri Oct 3 19:50:01 2008
Comment: What sad news of John McGraw's passing... I was privileged back in the 60's to have him as my sector manager for a year while I was Supervisor at Shemya... John was one of the nicest men I ever knew and and a great guy to work for.. I'm sure he will be remembered favorably by many who worked with him over the years... To all his family and friends we share in their terrible loss... God be with you, John ...

Name: Dave McGraw
Residence: Wasilla, AK Date: Mon Sep 29 02:03:33 2008
Comment: It is with regret that I notify everyone of the death of John D. McGraw on September 26. John was a tech, instructor, and manager on the White Alice System. He died of natural causes at home in Vancouver, WA.

Name: ted ward
Residence: Ceres, Ca Date: Tue Aug 26 05:03:08 2008
Comment: Hi. This is our "monster" scare at CZF in the winter months of 66/67. 
While watching - engrossed - "The Thing" in our lounge, one of our windows SMASHED into a zillion pieces! The movie stopped. A few of us stepped into the snow. RIght away, we saw HUGE, DEEP depressions separated by at least 10 feet! (Was so cold that ice formed on our 
Cause: the "monster": a fox chased a lemming into then out from that broken window! 
-some 'warm' chiding from sister

Name: Theodore Ward
Residence: Ceres, Ca Date: Tue Aug 26 04:44:07 2008
Comment: Hi! Great site! I was a site rep B at CZF, Cape Romazoff from July '66 to June '67. I did spend the 30 day training at SPV (Spearvonne) (SP?), too. I have - or had - a whole bunch of pics on another web site; I had them put on, I think around 2002 or 2003 or so. I will see if I can locate it on the web and give a url line. 
I have a true story but will have to use another posting for it. Hope to hear from anyone - and anyone who was at the site around that time. thanks! Ted Ward