Residence: Anchorage,Ak Date: Thu Sep 9 00:53:35 2010

Name: Tibor Szabo
Residence: Hungary Date: Sun Aug 8 21:53:00 2010
Comment: Great pages indeed!

Name: Ken Southerland
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Tue Jul 13 19:59:16 2010
Comment: It's a shame it's going away....technical advances, I know. It kept us safe for so long. It did it's job, and so did all those who supported and maintained it. 
Kenneth W. Southerland, USAF, Ret

Name: Larry
Residence: Rocklin, CA Date: Tue Jul 13 04:50:38 2010
Comment: During my time in the Army at Elmendorf, I worked for AFRN, which was carried on White Alice, I think. 
Worked many shifts including the all niter. Talked to lots of remote site folks. Great memories!

Name: Dick Francavilla
Residence: FL & NJ Date: Sat Jun 26 21:21:28 2010
Comment: Just checking in, testing my memory on names, sites, etc. Currently in New Jersey for summer, will head back to Florida after hunting season. Best to all. Dick

Name: richard bilomasur
Residence: Vernon, NJ Date: Thu Jun 17 08:43:31 2010
Comment: Still working as a satcom tech for SES at Vernon NJ, the grandfather domsat earth station, since 6/81. We did IP PRIME video untill it failed. Right now we do occasional experimental stereo HD TV for trade shows, besides TTC. Have a Thai wife over 30 years younger, and 2 babies, girl 3yr2mo & boy 1yr4mo, both born after I hit 60. Excercise keeps you young. Viagra helps. Met Bill Everly at Ft Yukon as vacation relief in 74? Loved Alaska 2/74 to 6/81.

Name: Shane Bak
Residence: Clinton, MT Date: Mon May 31 07:31:06 2010
Comment: Interesting site. I have a lot of memories back in 1981 when I spent my last semester of 8th grade in Port Heiden. My dad was a school administrator for the Lake & Penn School district. I remember the school district had a lease on the buildings for storage of school supply. I had several opportunities to go exploring through out the entire seven story structure. I have some old pictures from then and would be willing to scan and share them with the web site owner if interested.

Name: Tim McClelland
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Sun Mar 21 05:08:00 2010
Comment: I worked from 1971 to 1973 as a painter for ITT Arctic Services, I had the pleasure of meeting many of the techs and support personnel in Granite mtn, Anvil mtn, Kal Creek, Kotzebue,Cape Newenham. Many great memories, lots of stories. I remember Charlie Moon died in his cabin of carbon monoxide poisoning. Does anyone remember Buddy Payne?

Name: Jim Sprickler
Residence: Flat Horn Lake Date: Sat Feb 6 00:44:42 2010
Comment: Hi, would like to hear from my old friends. Spend most of my time at Flat Horn. No Email 
address. P.O Box 93049-Anc,Ak 99509

Name: Bob Hoffmann
Residence: Date: Wed Feb 3 11:13:19 2010
Comment: I was with ITT Arctic Services in Anchorage, working on White Alice ongoing engineering with the Air Force, during the second half of 1972. Left in Dec 1972 to join Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA as a product manager. LOVED Alaska, the people I met, and the White Alice work. Also went up to Nek' Lake, Fairbanks and "Murphy Dome." TD-2, 4A toll switch, AUTOVON, NAWS, etc. A great experience. 

Bob Hoffmann 

Name: Andrew Bartek
Residence: Wasilla, AK. Date: Tue Feb 2 11:36:47 2010
Comment: I worked on the asbestos removal and demolition of some of the White Alice sites.

Name: Rhomas Williamson
Residence: Cullman Alabama Date: Mon Feb 1 13:49:09 2010
Comment: Pine Tree Line (cartwright, LB) 1959-1960.

Name: Gordon McCann
Residence: Pennsylvania Date: Mon Feb 1 01:04:02 2010
Comment: Adak - 1974/75 - Bob Niedemyer was site supervisor. 

Cape Sarichef - 1975/76

Name: Ben Nash
Residence: Louisiana Date: Mon Feb 1 00:04:47 2010
Comment: DEWEast 1963-64. Busy now. Will checkback later to peruse.

Name: Mike Shaw
Residence: Denison Texas Date: Sun Jan 31 21:39:07 2010
Comment: I'm an old DEW Liner. I knew several "old" White Alice guys there and in Viet Nam (Page). Keep this thing going and folks like me will help spread the word. As our numbers fade, we need to keep the memories alive.

Name: Donna Pennington
Residence: Mentasta Lake, Date: Thu Jan 28 02:34:18 2010
Comment: Anyone remember a Hans Schoelten, Dutch, who was at the Unalalkeet White Alice site in 1962? Am trying to find him or see if he is still alive.

Name: Ray Owens
Residence: LakeCharles, La Date: Sat Jan 9 18:15:23 2010
Comment: I worked the Port Moller site 1972-73, then moved to Pillar Mountain when Lynn Saupe was the site supervisor

Name: Ray Owens
Residence: Date: Sat Jan 9 18:11:41 2010
Comment: I worked the Port Moller site 1972-73, then moved to Pillar Mountain when Lynn Saupe was the site supervisor

Name: Dick Mageske
Residence: New Mexico Date: Thu Dec 24 19:36:12 2009
Comment: I was just informed Jim Zuesow passed away suddenly at his home in Alaska Dec 19 while using his snow blower. Apparent heart attack. I new him over 40 years. Sad to hear of his passing. He wasn 't retired all that long ago.

Name: Susan Edwards
Residence: King Salmon Date: Fri Dec 4 17:41:25 2009
Comment: They're cleaning up a white alice site a half mile from my home (which used to be married officer housing) in King Salmon. 

First knew about while alice when stationed by the Navy in Iceland in the sixties.

Name: Tom Swanson
Residence: Anchorage Date: Tue Nov 24 17:42:59 2009
Comment: WACS orientation - Bear Creek, 1967 
Sparrevohn, 1967-1968 
Tok, 1968-1969 
King Salmon, 1973 (several weeks) 
Port Heiden, 1973 (several weeks) 
Cold Bay, 1973 (several weeks) 
Cape Sarichef, 1974 (7 months) 

Name: James D. Harper
Residence: Van Buren,Ar Date: Mon Nov 2 02:16:23 2009
Comment: Do not have Email address. Was in Class 11;KKK, 
and Tin City. Would like to hear from friends. 
Address:216 Northridge Drive 
Van Buren, Ar 72956

Name: William E. Johnson
Residence: MI. 49683 Date: Sat Oct 24 02:22:29 2009

Name: William E. Johnson
Residence: Thompsonville, Date: Sat Oct 24 02:15:34 2009
Comment: I worked for Morrison-Knudsen Corp., a sub-contractor for prime-contractor, Western Electric. I was project engineer for M-K 1955 to 1957. We were involved in about 30 different sites. Let me hear from anyone who remembers.

Name: Tom
Residence: Anch., Alaska Date: Sun Sep 27 22:22:22 2009
Comment: Thanks for the web site! I've heard a lot of stories about the WACS, but didn't know much about it. I worked the DEW line while they were installing NW and worked with one fella, Joe Bell, who had worked WACS. The only thing I remember him saying was that, for the time (1960s), the pay was outstanding. I really appreciated your comments about bidding for jobs, company politics and rival firms. That's the info that gives texture and character to the WACS. 
Thank you.

Name: Jon Bartel
Residence: Kodiak, AK Date: Tue Aug 18 07:57:39 2009
Comment: Hey, thanks much for your site! I am privileged to fly helicopters for the US Coast Guard and have seen several of the White Alice sites from the air over the last three years while stationed in Kodiak. 

I'm up in Nome right now and we've had several conversations about White Alice after looking at the site here. 

Thanks again! 


Name: Daniel Richard Sr
Residence: Wales, Alaska Date: Sat Aug 15 19:12:14 2009
Comment: I live in Wales, Alaska some 11 miles form Tin City, Alaska which is one of the areas with a radar and white alice site. 
I arrived to the area in late 1975 as a radar operator and moved back up and to Wales in 1979 to stay. 
I have enjoyed reading about and learning how it all worked, thanks. 
As I own the one at Tin City now and have it for sale as well. 

Name: Russel Oyen
Residence: Mesa, Arizona Date: Wed Aug 12 21:07:26 2009
Comment: Interesting reading the Guestbook. Did not recognize any names. My time in Alaska was from April, 1956 to Sept. 1958 delivering equipment to the contractors building White Alice sites, including the Kenai, Kodiak, Cape Lisburn and several in the aleutions. Can't remember all the sites I worked at. Went back to alaska in "68 and was disappointed to see how much it has changed. Took a picture of the 
TD2 tower north of Homer. I remember the road from Anchorage to Homer as