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Name: Prof. David E. Pearson (Homepage)
Residence: Brownsville, TX Date: Sat Mar 24 22:17:27 2001
Comment: Last year I published a book with Air University Press looking at the evolution and effectiveness of WWMCCS. Right now I'm almost done with a history of the Defense Communications Agency and System. The upcoming project--actually about half done already--will be "Big L," a history of the Air Force's Big L programs, which of course includes White Alice. The web site is terrific, by the way; but if anyone has additional stories, anecdotes, or accounts, I'd love to hear them.

Name: Edward Kent (Homepage)
Residence: Yorba Linda, Ca Date: Wed Mar 21 16:37:49 2001
Comment: From 1957 through 1961, I worked at Western Electric Defense Projects in New Yok. I was involved in the system planning and engineering for the DEW Line, BMEWS RCS, White Alice, NARS and other similar projects, gennerally in the Artic.

Name: Visser, mr Anne R. (Homepage)
Residence: Netherlands Date: Mon Mar 12 13:55:39 2001
Comment: Highly informative site. Our foundation for military heritage is looking for information about the tropo link between UK/Martlesham Heath and Hoek van Holland and further to Germany. It referred to as backbone 4. Could you assist?

Name: Tony Badzioch (Homepage)
Residence: Paso Robles, CA Date: Fri Mar 9 06:19:14 2001
Comment: I worked Granite Mtn, Campion/Galena, & Murphy Dome in 1972/3/4. Contact me. 805.441.4001 day.

Name: Ray & Linda Kelley (Homepage)
Residence: Willow AK Date: Sat Feb 10 18:27:17 2001
Comment: We lived at Big Mountain near the end in 1976-77
Would like to know if anyone knows what has happened
to some of the guys on site that we have lost
contact with, Nick (the mechanic) Nicholsen, Mel
Landon (ITT) and Jack Moore (ITT). We are in
contact with Bob Raufauff, and know that Bernie
Blumenstein still is in Mat-Su valley. Sadly
Stu Lemons died in the early 1980's in Eagle River,
and Eric Blomberg in a SE Alaska plane crash about
1979. Also understand th

Name: Dick Francavilla (Homepage)
Residence: Frenchtown,NJ Date: Fri Feb 9 16:57:39 2001
Comment: Regards to all. Lots of good memories.

Name: Bob Krcelic (Homepage)
Residence: Florida Date: Fri Feb 9 14:57:24 2001
Comment: I was on the White Alice Project from November 1956, until January 1966. Technician assignment at Anchorage ACS and Fire Island from 1957-1960. Site Supervisor assignments at Northeast Cape, Glennallen, Smuggler Cove, and Elmendorf Base Com from 1960-1966. Retired from GTE in 1998. Currently living in Florida: 1738 Augustine Drive, The Villages, FL 32159. (352)-259-9915.

Name: Clifford E. Leyba (Homepage)
Residence: Delaware Date: Sat Feb 3 23:32:50 2001
Comment: Would like to hear from anyone who may recognize
my name or amateur radio call signs from my two
tours in alaska. First tour [Anchorage '61-'62]
was with INCA. amateur radio call sign at that
time was kl7ebx. Was in Fairbanks with ACS from
1965-1967. call sign at that time was kl7fkw.
presently hold ka7bsz but have no gear on air as
i am now WWW junkie. Best wishes to all. Cliff

Name: Robert P Swinn (Homepage)
Residence: Mount Hermon,CA Date: Sun Jan 21 22:17:46 2001
Comment: You WACS guys might get a kick out of this.
First, I was a radioman at NAVFAC ADAK in 70-71 and
lived in the shadow of WHITE ALICE.
I just got a new dog, Rat Terrier with large stand
up ears.....her name was already given: Dallas, after the
Dallas Cowboys.....I'm not a sports fan, so I changed
it to "Alice" donned on me yesterday that it
ought to be "White Alice" with these huge antennae
like ears......I call her Alice, but she will always
be White

Name: Chuck Johnson (crackerjack) (Homepage)
Residence: Fairbanks, AK Date: Sat Jan 6 00:05:40 2001
Comment: I was on the system from April of 61 to September of 69. Worked at North River, Northeast Cape and finally Feb. 62 to Sept. 69 at Pedro Dome. I now live 3 miles from Pedro Dome at Cleary Summit where my wife and I run a Bed & Breakfast. Tom Walyer who was a tech at Pedro is my neighbor. Check him out at and

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Name: Marshall Wiley (Homepage)
Residence: Santa Maria, ca Date: Fri Jan 5 22:06:47 2001
Comment: Sure brings back a lot of memories. Was in the system from 1961 until 1974.
Was tech at North East Cape, Diamond Ridge, Big Mountain, Fairbanks ACS and Delta Jct.
Supv and later section supervisor at Delta Junction, Tok Junction, Murphy Dome, Clear AFS, Tatalina, Kalakaket Creek, Campion, Galena, Indian Mtn.and
Tanana at various times.
Would like to hear from some of the old friends.

Name: Jim Wiley (KL7CC) (Homepage)
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Fri Jan 5 19:48:06 2001
Comment: I Became part of White Alice in the Spring of 1964.
Trained at Bear creek (John McGraw was the training instructor), where I also met Lee Wareham (KL7DTH), and was assigned to Cape Romanzof (CZF)until September, 1965.
Then went to the South 48 for a few years, returning to Alaska in 1970.
Went to Nikolski, stayed there until December, was sent to cape Lizburne as LSR, but "bid" into Delta Junction in January, 1971.
Was there until spring of 1993, when I went to Anchorage to

Name: Robert Johnson (Homepage)
Residence: Flagstaff, AZ Date: Fri Jan 5 15:51:25 2001
Comment: I was a WACS man from 11/66 to 6/75, with RCA and then ITT. Worked at SVW, SYA, ADK, BSW,OTZ, LUR,ANV, TNC, Northeast Cape, KKK, TLI, Galena and Campion, in positions at Tech, Supervisor, LSR, Section "Supervisor. I have more photos, if anyone is intersted.

Name: Harland Schultz (Homepage)
Residence: Richland, Wash. Date: Wed Jan 3 01:37:17 2001
Comment: Sorry I forgot my Residence.

Name: harland schultz (Homepage)
Residence: Date: Wed Jan 3 01:35:34 2001
Comment: Great site. I was with the Air Force at Tatalina in 63-64. I spent my time at the upper camp. It was the WASC people that kept the road open. Love the pictures. They bring back memories.

Name: Bill Everly (Homepage)
Residence: Tonasket, WA Date: Wed Dec 27 10:17:33 2000
Comment: I recently received 25 issues of the White Alice Insites newsletter dating from Sept '70 to August '73. Lots of memories there! I am in the process of scanning them onto a CD-Rom. If you would like a copy, let me know and I'll burn you a CD when I get finished. No charge of course. Everything on the internet is free.

Name: bob workman (Homepage)
Residence: west virginia Date: Fri Dec 22 02:45:39 2000
Comment: was at cape newenham 1956 to 57 I was there when white alice was being built work in power plant at rader site 794 acs

Name: Harvey Gilliland (Homepage)
Residence: Petersburg, AK Date: Fri Oct 20 06:56:22 2000
Comment: I spent 1961-1966 at Duncan Canal WACS, 1971 with ACS at Petersburg, and finally Alascom 1971-1997 at Petersburg. The website is even greater, Bill. I viewed Every photo! Fun to see some of the guys of old. Hello to Ab Karim. Thanks

Name: Tom Smith (Homepage)
Residence: Largo, Fl. Date: Thu Oct 19 15:59:39 2000
Comment: Thanks again to Bill for all the work in keeping the memories going. Nice to hear from Abdul. Hope more ex-WACS people will come out of the woodwork. I switched to road runner, so have a new e mail tag. Will be glad to hear from any and all. Best wishes from
Florida, Tom Smith (57-59)

Name: Abdul G. Karim (Homepage)
Residence: New Jersey Date: Tue Oct 17 04:03:11 2000
Comment: Great site Bill!! class #9 SOL, GMT, NKL, BET supervisor, relief supv 8mos, sector manager south 5yrs
Had a small reunion about 8 yrs ago hosted by Earl & Carol Thelen with Andy Cowan, Bob Krcelic,Bob Walthal, Chris Fallwell, Dick Francavilla, Bill Jeckik , Bob Spears and John Collins. It was a lot of fun. we live near Andy Cowan and and get together often. He keeps in touch with more people than I do like Barney Canson and Chuck Robinson et al.