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Name: Steven Gaut (Homepage)
Residence: Olympia WA Date: Sun Nov 11 20:53:12 2001
Comment: Thank you for the informitive website. I was a government contractor from 1993 to 1999 working on the Alaska Radar Project. I was the station chief at Tin City, Ak. I have been to most of the radar sites and alway seen the White Alice antenna's but nobody the new how the system worked was still around. As station chief at Tin City and as a communication tech. I would stare at those antennas and wonder what it was like to have worked on a system like that. I left Tin City in 1999 but the whi

Name: Joe Hildreth (Homepage)
Residence: Anchorage Alask Date: Mon Nov 5 01:56:55 2001
Comment: I came to Alaska with the old ACS in 1959. I worked on a crew in the Summer of 1959 installing a VHF system between Hinchinbrook Island White Alice site, and Cordova. I worked on the test board in Fairbanks and in Juneau. I left the system in 1967.

Name: DOUG GLOVER (Homepage)
Residence: ANCHORAGE AK. Date: Tue Oct 30 22:25:35 2001
CALLS........... DOUG.

Name: Fred Herron (Homepage)
Residence: Anchorage,AK Date: Fri Oct 19 07:33:16 2001
Comment: White Alice 62'-70, Bill thanks for the web site !

Name: Ralph G. Baranow (Homepage)
Residence: Eagle River, AK Date: Mon Sep 10 21:26:06 2001
Comment: Joined WACS in July of 1960 and evolved thru Alascom
under RCA, PTI and now AT&T. Will retire-retire next
month. Great Website Bill... Keep it up!

Name: John W. Spencer (Homepage)
Residence: Massachusetts Date: Fri Aug 31 23:20:34 2001
Comment: Worked wacs from June 1962 until Jan 1966, at shemya, ani, Air force 1961-62 at King Salmon

Name: John D. McGraw (Homepage)
Residence: Vancouver WA Date: Fri Aug 24 06:21:42 2001
Comment: What a pleasant surprize to find a website that so
many of my friends are signed in on. To those who
dont know me I was on the WACS from 1962-1970. I was a training supervisor, a site supervisor, a sector Manager and many other things. I am now
retired from the communications world and living the good life on a small farm, thanks be to God and his mercy. However, the town is growing up around me to my current regret.Best Regards,John.

Name: Jim Zuehsow (Homepage)
Residence: Eagle River, AK Date: Mon Aug 20 00:31:08 2001
Comment: Worked on White Alice starting in 1966 mostly at Big Mountain. Left White Alice and went to work for RCA Alascom in 1972. Presently a tech at AT&T Alascom at the Eagle River Earth Station. Jolly Zebra sez "HI!" to all my old friends.

Name: mark a. laws (Homepage)
Residence: Date: Sun Aug 5 02:07:18 2001
Comment: been wondering about this for years......time---1966----place----kodiak relay station usn. event----message sent from elmendorf afb regarding ufo's (bogeys) sighted...standby messages sent every thirty minutes or so for about 30 hours...approximately october of 1966----also bright round object sighted over womens bay and buskin lake area kodiak. Anybody know of this or any other intrigueing phenomena from this era????

Name: Vincent Tercijonas (Homepage)
Residence: Gaithersburb,MD Date: Tue Jul 31 19:58:03 2001
Comment: Great website and photographs that bring back good
memories from "The Land of the Midnight Sun"!!! Graduated from class 28, than to Bear Creek,Soldotna,Middleton Island and Boswell Bay.Later Europe and Thailand.Now back in US,spent
some 26 years GTE,time to retire! Best regards...

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Name: KEITH KLEMME (Homepage)
Residence: ALASKA Date: Sat Jul 28 23:55:53 2001

Name: Richard (Dick) Herron (Homepage)
Residence: Oviedo Fl Date: Thu Jul 19 20:43:52 2001
Comment: Great website! Worked Hoonah and Adak 1961/62. Then went back South to get a degree. Good memories of interesting people.

Name: Dave Daly (Homepage)
Residence: Homer, AK Date: Thu Jul 12 05:14:56 2001
Comment: I was a tech at OTZ, TNC, PMY, SVW, FIR from 1/62 to 4/64 and Supervisor at LUR, BET, TKJ from 4/64 to 9/69

Name: Owen St.Clair (Homepage)
Residence: Citrus Hgts, CA Date: Sun Jul 1 21:41:26 2001
Comment: Great job Bill! The photos bring back lots of memories. Worked WACS 1964-1966. Was a member of
the "Great Quake" training class of '64, and assigned to Cape Newenham and later to King Salmon. Be glad to hear from anyone that lived and worked the White Alice experience, including
Air Force personnel and RCA WACS management.

Name: MOE WARMAN (Homepage)
Residence: SPRING HILL, FL Date: Wed Jun 27 15:40:39 2001

Name: Vic Bucci (Homepage)
Residence: Rome, Italy Date: Sat Jun 9 15:48:48 2001
Comment: Hi to all ex-White Alice Co-Workers. I was on White Alice from 1957 through 1962. I was in Class 12, and later assigned to Sparrevohn. Later King Salmon, and again later to Kotzebue. Left Kotzebue for Big Rally II and later European Med Tropo in Europe.

I wonder if anyone knows the where abouts' of Larry Kincaid, Earnest Curtis, Jim Hayes, Dick Carter. I think Carter later became a Doctor<?>. If you have any information

Name: Mike Young (Homepage)
Residence: Plano, TX Date: Sat Jun 9 02:32:16 2001
Comment: Was at Big Mountain, Aniak and Indian Mountain 1961-1963. Really enjoyed working on the system. It's kinda sad to see pictures of the sites in their last days. Great WEB site.

Name: Jerry Curry (Homepage)
Residence: Fairbanks, AK Date: Fri May 18 21:27:15 2001
Comment: Neat site! I worked on White Alice from June of '67 thru March of '73. Was at Cape Romanzof and Tok Junction primarily.


Name: Dick Mageske (Homepage)
Residence: New Mexico Date: Mon May 14 16:22:10 2001
Comment: Nice job, Bill, on your recent revamp of your site. Dick Mageske~My White Alice history. Tech at Delta Jct., Port Heiden, King Salmon, Hoonah, Indian Mountain, Smugglers Cove~Supervisor at Shemya and Kalakaket Creek. Hello to all the W/A "Oldtimers" !!!

Name: Alan Champagne (Homepage)
Residence: Boydton, VA Date: Mon May 14 00:30:13 2001
Comment: White Alice Teck 6/19/1961 to 7/1/1974 and RCA/Alascom till I retired 8/8/1988. Worked at North River/Unalakleet, Kalakaket Creek/Campion, Smuggler Cove/Ketchikan and Petersburg. 804-738-6189