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Name: Eleanor Thomas (Homepage)
Residence: Belleuve, NE Date: Fri Mar 29 16:54:19 2002
Comment: I worked at the White Alice site in Palmer, Alaska from 1966 to 1977. It was the best job I ever had.

Name: KEITH KLEMME (Homepage)
Residence: Date: Fri Mar 1 06:09:34 2002

Name: Dick Mageske (Homepage)
Residence: New Mexico Date: Wed Feb 13 20:36:04 2002
Comment: Just revisited again the upgraded WACS Website... Good work, Bill...
Enjoy coming back often and also reviewing peoples guestbook comments...Dick

Name: Bill Everly (Homepage)
Residence: WA Date: Tue Feb 5 18:14:35 2002
Comment: I recently received a number of copies of a new White Alice brochure from the Corps of Engineers. It is a well done, fancy, slick publication that probably cost the taxpayers a few bucks apiece. If you would like a copy of it, E-mail me your mailing address and I'll stick a copy in the mail for you. No charge of course.

Name: Georgeie Reynolds (Homepage)
Residence: Date: Thu Jan 31 13:29:58 2002
Comment: I wrote the Corps' WACS historical report. I collected WACS stations like some people collect bird species. I've seen maybe 20 and I love each one. The one at Cape Lisburne is especially fun to explore, as was the one at Pillar Mt.

Name: Hank Ickes (Homepage)
Residence: Arlington, VA Date: Thu Jan 17 14:47:45 2002
Comment: Wait a minute! How could I have forgotten one of the more memorable vacation-relief techs: Richie "Mr. NORML" Bilomasur?!?!

Name: Hank Ickes (Homepage)
Residence: Arlington, VA Date: Wed Jan 16 22:03:19 2002
Comment: (I can't believe that I never signed this thing, with all the visits I've made!)

Lessee: ANI Jan. - Mar. 1974 & CDB Mar. '74 July 1976

(How do the hackers put it?) Shouts to Gregg Mattson, Errol ("Soul Man") Leverette, Floyd Davidson (BET & ANI), Bob Williams, Jim Ludwig, Ming Cheung, John Williams, Jimmy Perego, Leonard Jester -- cripes, I can't remember them all!

Name: C.C.Christiansen (Homepage)
Residence: Bx 344,Palmer,A Date: Wed Jan 9 07:53:23 2002
Comment: Helped sw off the DMS at KNV after moving Autovon ser. to Fort Rich. Hope to hear from any of you old tropo tech's. Tks Bill for WACS Guestbook

Name: C.C.Christiansen (Homepage)
Residence: Bx 344,Palmer,A Date: Wed Jan 9 07:42:32 2002
Comment: Tour of duty with Army PEA Installing J-CXR for ACS 7/1954 to 11/1955. Tech in last class to turnup White Alice System. Uto 2/58-5/59 then Fyu to 11/60, and on to KNV until ret. August 1st 1997. Part of crew that turned up Uto. Was present, took pic's when 4A Switch was turned up and down. Also Pulled power Sw on KNV to BSW Tropo system about twenty yrs after it had been commissioned. The bypass link to Soldotna had been down for a few yrs by then. Helped sw off the DMS at KNV after moving Autov

Name: Roy Wells (Homepage)
Residence: Cloudcroft, NM Date: Sat Jan 5 03:55:03 2002
Comment: Was tech at GMT 1967-68. I knew Charlie Moon the gold miner, Ed Maxey the station supvr, and a guy named Bill was one mechanic. Still think of that year as best job I've ever had. Now work at White Sands Missile Range here in so. New Mexico. Love to hear from anybody who was out there also. Went from GMT to Shemya on the USAF SpaceTrack radar system for GE.

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Name: Edmund J* Rafferty III (Homepage)
Residence: Plymouth,Mich Date: Mon Dec 24 19:30:42 2001
Comment: Wanted to reregister to add a bit more info. By the way,Sven Engblom put me on to the web site. Bill you have done a great job. It really brings back good memories. I was at Granite Mt,61/62,Pedro Dome from 63 to 66,and ayear at Cold Bay 66 & 67. Lots of familiar sites and faces as well as names. Thanks again. The 49th is the best State in the Union.

Name: Edmund J. Rafferty III (Homepage)
Residence: Plymouth,Mich. Date: Mon Dec 24 18:11:15 2001
Comment: It is nice to know the System is remembered. To say the system as well as the fantastic 49th is sorely missed is an understatement.

Name: Jeff Schmitz (Homepage)
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Mon Dec 24 06:25:03 2001
Comment: Was at Cape Romanzof (CZF) from 1978 to 1980 with RCA OMS (the AC&W Contractor) Got to know the WACS guys real well as I was at the top of the mountain a 1/4 mile away. Sad day when they decommed the site in '79.

Name: Arthur C. Sandstrom (Homepage)
Residence: Texas Date: Tue Dec 18 03:57:45 2001
Comment: I was with ACS, Nome, from '56 to '65. Watched Anvil Mountain WACS being built. Guy named Lloyd Sundstrom was boss for a while. Know him? Holler if you like... Art Sandstrom

Name: Marvin Garber (Homepage)
Residence: Chicago, IL Date: Tue Dec 11 05:26:13 2001
Comment: I worked for FEC at Kalakaket Creek in the late 50's. I arrived about the time they finished the new dormitory, and left not long after RCA took over. Like to hear from anyone who was there.

Name: Lon Seward (Homepage)
Residence: Stephenson, VA Date: Thu Nov 29 01:18:54 2001
Comment: I was USAF enslisted at Indian Mtn in 1976 (not White Alice). White Alice was obviously still providing us our comm services at the time. Nice web page and nice memories. Only the people that had been stationed at these sites can appreciate them.

Name: CHICK MCCALL (Homepage)
Residence: MERCER,PA Date: Sat Nov 24 20:51:54 2001

Name: David Pascal (Homepage)
Residence: Woonsocket, RI Date: Wed Nov 21 16:33:53 2001
Comment: It felt great to revisit my old Big Mountain home from 1957-59 before moving on to the Senorita Tropo Project at Sidi Slimane, Morocco. I was in FEC Class No. 8 in Anchorage and went to Big Mountain with Russell ('Scotty') C. Scott from Portland, Oregon. On the 4th of July 1960, I was part of a Northern Sector Interview Team for Federal Electric, standing outside the door of the Cape Lisbourne Tropo Site where the thermometer read exactly 32 degrees in a hot blazing sun *LOL*
In all the inte

Name: Ken Laing (Homepage)
Residence: La Quinta, CA Date: Thu Nov 15 03:13:38 2001
Comment: On the system in 1968 at Granite Mtn and in 1969 at North River

Name: Karen L. Lew (Homepage)
Residence: Eagle River, AK Date: Mon Nov 12 20:32:34 2001
Comment: A pleasure to see this period in our (personal and
Alaska) history so nicely documented. I remember
so many of these names . . . and a few of the faces.
(I was Alice the bear and editor of the first
Insites newsletters.)
Karen L. Lew