Name: Charles P. (Chuck) Jones
Residence: outback of NW G Date: Mon Sep 9 09:20:07 2002
Comment: Greetings to all and THANKS for the gift of this site! I was WACS from 7/11/66 through mid 1969, at SVW and BSW. Was at ANC ACS during 1970, followed by 20 years at ATU, through 12/1992. Hold WACS experiences in the highest of esteem / learned MUCH and met lots of great folk. Look forward to hearing from peers.

Name: Tom Carstensen
Residence: Date: Wed Aug 21 12:34:29 2002
Comment: Spent some time at Tatalina.Anybody know the whereabouts of Larry White,please advise Thanks.

Name: Clayton Benner
Residence: send email..... Date: Tue Aug 13 07:31:14 2002
Comment: Retired after 13 years overseas. Left AK in 60 (Greenland, Iceland w/FEC). Returned to Alaska in 62. Left again in 1967 (Vietnam, Thailand, Iran) and returned to US (CA)in 79. Retired from GTE in Nov-1994. Old buddies email me.

Name: Ed Rafferty
Residence: Plymouth,MIchig Date: Mon Aug 12 20:46:59 2002
Comment: To the keeper of this excellent web site. Ihe rogues gallery #3. The center picture, third row is Jesse Taylor one of the travelling installers during the 60's. I knew him at granite Mt and Pedro Dome.

Name: Dick Mageske (Homepage)
Residence: Nw Mexico Date: Thu Aug 8 17:41:44 2002
Comment: Nice site.... Glad to see the WA spirit is still alive... Was on the WA system from 1962 until it was sold out and continued to work on the systems in AK until I retired in 1991.. Was at DEJ, SYA, KKK, Hoonah, SCO, Port Heiden, Indian Mountain. Good luck to all..... Dick

Name: Don Sjoberg
Residence: Rockford, IL Date: Wed Aug 7 18:50:24 2002
Comment: Nice Web Site, I recognize a few names from the olden days. I worked DewEast, NARS,back to DewEast and then transferred to White Alice, Cape Newenham briefly 72-73 then back to the DewLine. Finally gave it up in 75 but what an adventure. Many war stories to tell but so little time and space to tell them. Keep up the good works!

Name: Robert Dunaway
Residence: Washington, DC Date: Sun Aug 4 23:26:50 2002
Comment: Used to work on NARS across the Nprth Atlantic with a character by the name of Louie Halfin. I was a young pup back then having just left the military to work for FEC. Those were pretty good times, and I heard many stoires of the White Alice system from Louie. I have fond memories of those tropo sites on NARS and the tight bond between those that worked the system. What a great legacy for comm and the efforts by the men and women who served to protect this great country from those remote locatio

Name: Gail Graham
Residence: Albuquerque, NM Date: Sun Aug 4 05:41:23 2002
Comment: I was in FEC Class #30 and graduated on my 19th birthday in Mar 1959. Spent 9 months at Sparvhon and then transered to Tatalina. Tatalina was fun as they never built a permenant living facility there. We spent the winter in the old construction canvas covered Jamesway huts on the mountain top. During the first winter storm 4 of them blew away. Next summer we moved in with the Air Force.

Name: Bob Hunter
Residence: Australia Date: Wed Jul 31 22:39:50 2002
Comment: Brings back fond memories. I was in class 19. Under FEC I was Chief Instructor at the school and later under RCA was Chief Electronic Engineer 1962-1964.

Name: Bill Gentle
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Tue Jul 9 18:01:04 2002
Comment: Great site, photos and story.

My Thanks to the men who served their country under such arduous and dangerous conditions.

From a former Navy Communicator: "BRAVO ZULU", for a job well done!

In graditude, --->BiLL GenTile

Name: Bill Everly
Residence: Tonasket, WA Date: Fri Jun 7 06:54:24 2002
Comment: Dick Attwood, 69, (Bear Creek tech) passed away May 24 in Fairbanks.

Name: Eckels
Residence: Seattle Date: Thu Jun 6 05:58:52 2002
Comment: I was a visitor at the White Alice site near Unalakleet, Ak as a child. Very interesting to see, and fun to read this site's accounts of it's older days.

Name: Jim Mauser
Residence: Zionsville, PA Date: Tue May 28 18:24:22 2002
Comment: C.W.Severance informed me of this fine site. I was at KKK '63-65 and CLC '65-66. ['66-69 IWCS Thailand with Philco-Ford] Again at KKK '69-71 and CLC '71-73. Many fond memories of WACS and Alaska. Great site, Bill - keep up the good work!

Name: John McGraw
Residence: Vancouver, WA Date: Thu May 23 04:58:47 2002
Comment: Sorry to hear about Fred Chiei passing away. Bob Sloboda passed away a couple years ago. I wonder if anyone knows anything about Bob Ryan,etc. My email address has changed to if you wish to contact me. Best Regards, John

Name: Luciano Mata
Residence: Paso Robles,Ca. Date: Fri May 17 21:01:22 2002
Comment: I will post my new address in a couple of weeks,but if anybody would like to contact me thru the hard mail system you can mail it to;Lou Mata 12077 Old Hwy. 49 Gulfport Ms. 39503.I am especially looking for Frank Tobacco & Vic Bucci.

Name: Luciano Mata
Residence: gulfport,ms. Date: Fri May 17 20:55:41 2002
Comment: i worked at the bear creek site from 1957 to1960 at tatalina in 1961 and again at bear creek from 1961 to 1962.I am looking for anybody else that worked at these sites during that time.

Name: Ron Bartholomew
Residence: Wisconsin Date: Tue Apr 30 06:42:43 2002
Comment: I recall many fond memories while visiting the WAS
at Cape Sarichef ( Unimak Island ). Many great games of pool
with Ray Mackie & Crazy John. Had a nice phone
conversation with the old timer outside mechanic
, Paul Zumwalt about 2 years back.

Great website, many good memories revisited

Ron Bartholomew
Lake Nebagamon, WI

Name: Pete Hillis
Residence: Anchorage Date: Tue Apr 23 05:38:40 2002
Comment: Great job on the web site Bill. Sure did bring back some memories. Came on the system in 1965 at GMT, then to North River and then to EDF Base Comm with some time at King Salmon about the time it went bye-bye. Greetings to all the guys I talked to and never met. Best wishes!

Name: Jim Hayes
Residence: Vancouver, Wash Date: Wed Apr 3 08:24:00 2002
Comment: You've brought tears to my eyes, Bill, browsing through this outstanding presentation of nostalgia. Sadness to see the Old Girl's demise. Best wishes to all our many friends.
Kotzebue 1957-1969.
Jim (Tituk) Hayes

Name: Bill Torgerson
Residence: Seattle, Wash Date: Tue Apr 2 23:44:52 2002
Comment: Never thought I'd ever see any reference to the old White Alice System. I worked at KKK during 1964-65 and was there during the "washing machibne revolt".

Name: Priscilla Rock
Residence: Shaktoolik, AK Date: Mon Apr 1 23:09:54 2002
Comment: Hello. I have been searching for a James Moon that was possibly on the 718th AC&W Squad. We only knew that he may have worked on the White Alice site in the early 1960's @ North River (Unalalkleet, Alaska) IF you have any information on James Moon, please respond to the email address provided. We would really appreciate any type of assistance anyone might have about him. Thank you.

Name: Ocie Mitchell
Residence: Anchorage Date: Mon Apr 1 22:37:20 2002
Comment: I was in the 1931st Comm Gp from 1972 till 1976. I was a "Scope Creek" team captain and travelled to many of the WACS tropo sites. It is good to see this collection of information and photos. Brings back some good memories. Thanks