Name: Lou Mata
Residence: Ca. & Ms. Date: Thu Mar 27 22:38:30 2003
Comment: Just checking on the most recent entries,and still waiting to hear from Vic Bucci or anyone who was in Tanana..Best Wishes to all L.M.

Name: Bill Beavers
Residence: Cheney, Washing Date: Mon Mar 24 22:47:15 2003
Comment: Finally a knowledgeable WAC site. I'm an American night fighter aircraft & radar history buff of past 45 years. Retired B-52 Lt. Col. radar nav/bombardier. THANKS for your efforts.

Name: Ron Williams
Residence: Date: Sun Mar 23 05:25:23 2003
Comment: I was involved in the development and testing of a Motorola digital communications system named Mark II deltaplex intended to increase White Alice capacity. The system was installed between Adak and Shemya in July of 1968. Testing lasted until the spring of 1969. Thr performance improvement was deemed insufficient to warrant its inclusion into White Alice.

Name: Doug Kyle
Residence: Nome, Alaska Date: Tue Mar 11 08:55:47 2003
Comment: Thanks for a great site. I live very near the Anvil Mountain site, and have often wondered what the story was behind thise huga antennas. I guess not a lot of people in Nome today remember. Thanks for informing me.

Name: kevin
Residence: Date: Fri Feb 21 11:39:31 2003
Comment: Hi, Great site. How about hosting a copy of this site absolutely FREE for 3-months at will have your web page listed in more than 350 search engines(ofcourse free). Please feel free to email me for more details.

Name: Randy Filion (Homepage)
Residence: Kirkland, Wa. Date: Fri Feb 7 20:09:51 2003
Comment: I found Bill's website doing research for
Ham Radio. It has become one of my favorites.
Thanks to all you men and women who gave so
much to keep out nation safe with the White Alice
Best wishes and 73, Randy Filion KC7ZNA

Name: Mary Alice Spires
Residence: Charleston SC Date: Thu Jan 23 22:53:51 2003
Comment: I grew up on FAA stations, including Kotzebue,Cape Yakataga, and Yakutat.I may have a few photos from some of those stations. Reading these stories was like a small trip home. Keep up the good work.
Mary Alice

Residence: ANCHORAGE AK Date: Mon Jan 13 22:56:45 2003


Name: Loren Gallentine
Residence: Camarillo, CA Date: Mon Jan 6 05:25:43 2003
Comment: Great site. I spent a year at Cape Lisburne and several months at Fort Yukon in 62 and 63. Your site brings back a lot of memories of the best job I ever had. I love reminiscing about the old times. Thanks for a great site.

Name: Odell Owen
Residence: Texas Date: Tue Dec 31 22:27:01 2002
Comment: Bill you have done a lot of good work on this site since I last visited. I worked on the White Alice as a WECO installer in 1956 and 1957. I have lots of fond memories of Alaska. My wife and I will be visiting Anchorage, Kenai and Homer in late May 2003. We will be crusing back for the second time in four years.

Name: Robert Niederschmidt
Residence: Cincinnati, Oh Date: Sat Dec 28 00:49:57 2002
Comment: Thanks to your site, I was able to figure out how the AC&W sites in the US were used to help the DEW line in the late 50's. I served at Naselle,Wa 759th AC&W. 56-58. I was Air Force,radio repair.
Thanks for the tour. Great site. Will visit more often

Name: Dick Loesch
Residence: Carmichael CA Date: Fri Dec 20 17:00:35 2002
Comment: Retired 97 from Adak. Went to Texas, wife died in car wreck 2000, moved to CA Sept 11 2001. How are Sandy and the kids?

Name: Ken Berg
Residence: Galena, Md Date: Tue Dec 17 04:05:17 2002
Comment: I was a Radioman 3rd class in the Coast Guard and visited ADAK, Ak in the fall of 1976 and put in to transfer to Radsta Adak/NOX and arrived in May of 1978. My first thing I remember was the site of the 120 ft Billboard Antennas and learning the Name of "White Alice". Alaskcom had installed a small satellite earth station on Adak when I got there and learned it would replace W.A. up on the hill. It's sad to see all that go. But they cant take away the memories

Name: Mike Barbree
Residence: Dayton Tennesse Date: Tue Dec 17 00:15:59 2002
Comment: Served in the USAF at Sparrevohn 69-70. Your site is the only one with pictures of the place. Loved it. The WACS people at site were great. Good Food.

Name: Ron Watson
Residence: Parkersburg, Wv Date: Sun Dec 1 01:25:09 2002
Comment: I was stationed at Ft.Yukon in 67-68. I would like to hear from some of my friends, Lee Leonard, Les Miller, Bob Filly & wonder if Bill Buries is still around. Nice site.

Name: Deven Everly
Residence: Anchorage Date: Sun Oct 27 04:38:59 2002
Comment: Bill Everly is my grandpa. Cool site.
I'm 10 years old. I live in Anchorage Alaska.

Name: Jennifer S. Johnson
Residence: Seattle, WA Date: Mon Oct 21 18:28:51 2002
Comment: My grandfather, James Albert Johnson, worked on the White Alice project. He just passed away and we are learning more about his full life as we go through some of his items. The one item that he did not wish to part from, was his alaskan coat. He wore this while working on the White Alice project. This time meant a great deal to him.

Name: Wanda Cooper
Residence: Palmer, Ak Date: Fri Oct 11 23:30:13 2002
Comment: I was a switchboard operator at Nek Lake for almost 17 years. We all felt bad the day Alascom switched over.All of us loved our jobs. Would love to hear from anyone that was remote in those days or worked on the sites.A

Name: Wanda Cooper
Residence: Date: Fri Oct 11 23:08:38 2002
Comment: I was a switchboard operator at Nek Lake for almost 17 years.I have many fond memories of White Alice. I felt bad the day we rurned her over to someone else.Would love to hear from anyone that was on the system If you picked up the phone and someone said Alaska Switch Oper. Could have been meu

Name: Lou Mata (Homepage)
Residence: Paso Robles,Ca. Date: Thu Oct 3 03:04:41 2002
Comment: To contact me send mail to p.o. box 4353 Paso Robles Ca. 93447.
Condolences to the Atwood Family...Best Wishes