Name: Allan Wilson
Residence: Ayer, Massachus Date: Fri Feb 27 04:53:34 2004
Comment: For a year starting Sept 1969 I served as the Civil Engineering officer at Sparrevhon AFS which also hosted a White Alice station apox half way between botton and top camps. What a story I have to tell as us officers at bottom camp attempted to travel the road to top camp to celebrate new years eve. Luckily, the good folks at White Alice saved our celebration as we became snow bound and almost slid off the road to our possible deaths in a white-out.

Name: Tom Gilliam
Residence: Columbus, OH Date: Sat Feb 21 03:42:07 2004
Comment: I served as a Philco Techrep at Site Cape Lisburne in August & September 1959. I did maint work on crypto, teletype, com center, beacon transmitter, electrical distribution, and audio sound systems. What a fantastic vacation!!!

Name: Dale Powell AL7Y (Homepage)
Residence: Fairbanks, Ak. Date: Mon Feb 16 21:24:56 2004
Comment: I have added over 70 new photos to my White Alice website this week, and there are many more coming. Drop in for a visit!

Name: Bill Everly
Residence: Tonasket, WA Date: Mon Feb 9 04:37:53 2004
Comment: There are now fifty (50) issues of White Alice newsletters on line at:
I also have these issues on a free CD.

Name: Al Colonna
Residence: Hobe Sound, Fl Date: Sat Feb 7 01:11:53 2004
Comment: At Campion 9/65 to 9/66. Spent most of the time at the bar. Vivid memories of -40 temperatures, endless nights, mosquitoes and Saints Marchers.
Any site mates out there???

Name: Dale Williams
Residence: Phoenix, Az Date: Wed Jan 28 22:22:54 2004
Comment: I was a SSgt, Computer Tech, at 794th AC&W, Cape Newenham, in 67-68. Owen St Clair an old White Alice man suggested I look at this site. Very interesting.

Name: Ed Freeman
Residence: Date: Wed Jan 28 06:50:32 2004
Comment: I worked at Cape Yakataga May 1965 to Feb. 1966 when I was drafted into the Army.

Name: George Sutterley
Residence: Date: Fri Jan 9 21:46:21 2004
Comment: Pulled a TDY to Cape Lisburne from MaCallan AFB in Sacrament around the summer 1970. We pull a PBX out of Fire Island just of the coast of Anchorage and reinstalled it in the new building in Lisburne. New for 1970 anyway. Lucky for me it was summer. I will have to go and dig out my old pictures.

Thanks much, enjoyed viewing your site.

Name: Jerry Elliott
Residence: Orlando, FL Date: Wed Jan 7 16:47:22 2004
Comment: Great web site. At Alascom, I helped replace the system with satellite earth stations starting in 1974. Working with tropo since 1958, WACS has always been an inspiration and a thing of awe and beauty.

Name: Gary Jones
Residence: Mt. Vernon, WA Date: Mon Jan 5 20:36:56 2004
Comment: Great web site. As a young AF NCO I worked at several sites in the early 50's installing equip. It seemed my second home was on the DEW line and the white alice sites. Gary

Name: Dan Walters (USAF) (Homepage)
Residence: Cibolo, Texas Date: Wed Dec 31 13:40:30 2003
Comment: Don't recall genteman's name, was an older RCA tech that modified our phones in the Combat Alert Center so we could patch lines (personal use). Couldn't ever thank him enough. The CAC Alarm used to drive him nuts LOL. He was a great person to have known - had one of the first wrist watches I'd seen covered with gold nuggets! Said he owned a gold mine - price was way up in '79. If you're still around, HI!

Name: Dan Walters (USAF) (Homepage)
Residence: Cibolo, Texas Date: Wed Dec 31 13:20:30 2003
Comment: NCOIC King Salmon Combat Alert Center, '79- '80 (Ret '81.) The old White Alice site was our source of office furniture. Sad about ADC/NORAD/AC&W, etc. biting the dust. I loved ADC (AKN, IKF (Keflavik). Miss the old CAC alarm going off on it 's own. Had 2 MAW "Yellows " while I was at AKN. Met a LOT of good people.

Name: Wes Severance
Residence: Rochester NY Date: Sat Dec 27 17:12:49 2003
Comment: White Alice 1962 thru 1967 with training in Anchorage and assignments at Bear Creek, Indian Mountain, Kalakaket Creek, Campion, Fairbanks ACS and Murphy Dome. An excellent web site!

Name: tim nohe (Homepage)
Residence: Catonsville, MD Date: Tue Nov 25 12:46:10 2003
Comment: I was stationed at Tatlina AFS 6/76 to 6/77. Just about the time it was being turned over to the contractors.

I wonder how recent these photos are. Everything still looks pretty much the same as it did 26 years ago.

It was my best tour while I was in the USAF.

Thanks for the pictures.

Name: Gregory Nicholson
Residence: Phoenix, AZ Date: Thu Nov 20 13:07:44 2003
Comment: Hello I am trying to find information regarding my father TechSgt. Joseph L. Nicholson who I am told worked at Tatalina around 1973-76. I have little to go on, and appreciate your help.

Residence: PHOENIX,AZ Date: Sat Nov 15 19:02:11 2003
Comment: Great web site. I did not work for WACS but during my Military time at Shemya and Sparavohn I remember several guys that worked for WACS and spent alot of time at the WACS Site while at Sparevohn. Also lived in Wasilla Ak for 13 yrs after I got out of the Air Force and remember the WACS site there. I also worked at Clear AFS as civilian Power Plant Supv for 20 yrs and remember one person that worked for WACS at Clear. Alot of good memories I have while at the old sites.

Name: Dave McGraw (Homepage)
Residence: Wasilla, Alaska Date: Tue Oct 28 19:53:50 2003
Comment: I was at Driftwood Bay 1976, Cold Bay '77- '78, Cape Newenham '78-79, and finally Glennallen 79-81. I became partucularly good friends with Roy DuBoise while at Cape Newenham. He and I maintained contact for few years after, but Roy suc***bed to a lung infection in the mid-80s.

I later worked for ARCO at Prudhoe Bay where a couple of old White Alice hands were also working. Herb Schawl, retired from ARCO in the late '90s, and Jon Hammond is still working (for GCI now) at

Name: Dave McGraw (Homepage)
Residence: Wasilla, Alaska Date: Tue Oct 28 19:36:16 2003
Comment: Great Site! Despite the pangs of nostalgia, I'm still looking through it. We had many shutterbugs stationed at the remote sites, and I was certainly one of them. I'll eventually get some photos scanned in and uploaded to the web master.

Bests to all,
Dave McGraw

Name: Earl Mawhinney
Residence: Easley,SC. Date: Mon Oct 27 02:19:54 2003
Comment: Was in Alaska in 1956 doing path testing with WECO for White Alice. Lived in a Shelterwell tent with a one other guy. Stayed there for two to three months at a time. It got lonely.

Name: Jim Verhaeghe
Residence: Anchorage,Ak. Date: Tue Sep 9 12:09:03 2003
Comment: Employed RCA Service Co and Federal Electric Co. 1957 thru 1970. Assigned Material Control,reassigned to RCA Alascom and Associated Companies with the sale of Alaska Communication Co. (ACS). Retired Nov. 1991.