Name: Doris Miller
Residence: Fairbanks Date: Sat Sep 11 05:32:40 2004
Comment: Hi All, I'm looking for Peter Ryan who was stationed at the White Alice Communication System site in Northway around 1967-68. PLEASE email me if you know of him. Thank you!

Name: Sven Engblom
Residence: Chambersburg PA Date: Thu Sep 9 03:27:40 2004
Comment: Great website. Was in FEC class 5. Worked on WA from 57 thru 66. Spent time at Kodiak, Kal Creek, C Lisbourne, Kotzebue, and Pedro Dome. A great experience. Visited many other sites and had a great time at each. Would like to hear from any of the old timers.

Name: Gene Taylor
Residence: San Diego, CA Date: Fri Sep 3 03:54:14 2004
Comment: Hi, Great site good to see and read about these great days from the past. I was at Driftwood Bay (DFB) from the summer of 69 and was transfered to Shemya 8 long months later. The to Big Mountain (BMX) for great fishing, hunting and trapping. I then took over Site Supvr at Port Heiden. Met a lady in Anch and moved there took over the SCSRC (remember that?) and then to some WACS management position for a few years. I left for the $$ at Prudoe Bay in 1976. What a life! I ended up an engineer

Name: Hans Jensen
Residence: Alaska Date: Sun Jul 25 22:58:52 2004
Comment: Great web site. Enjoyed looking back at the history of White Alice and the stories of the men who made it happen. Presently, I am on site at Big Mountain as part of the Demo crew. It is just a flat top mountain now! Sad to see it go.

Name: Mike Malette
Residence: Hawaii Date: Tue Jul 6 08:48:21 2004
Comment: Aloha White Alice Troops!!
I Did 4 years at Northeast Cape from 70 to 74, One year at Kal Creek in 75. Have lots of Pics of the cape not many of the creek. Made a lot of friends at the cape. Including the Rev. Black Bart (Earnie Hobbs) the Chaplin of White Alice. His card( I still Have it) said have Hatchet, will Travel. Still remember our 52 lane bowling alley, Number one and number 52. Lots of Great Memories.

Name: ron winegar
Residence: panama city, fl Date: Sun Jun 20 22:39:32 2004
Comment: was stationed at fort yukon 73-74 as a scope dope.sad to hear of its demise. i do not have an email address, but would like to hear from others who was stationed there. po box 8314, southport, florida 32409.

Name: Paul Kann
Residence: Anchorage, AK Date: Sat May 29 06:58:02 2004
Comment: Worked from 1962 to 1964. Worked in Insulation then transfered to Engineering. Worked for North Electric Co. in Galion Ohio, then General Telephone in Coeur d'Alene, ID, then came back to Alaska and worked for Anchorage Telephone Utility (ATU). Retired in 1998.

Name: Donald L Wurscher
Residence: United States Date: Fri May 21 02:53:14 2004
Comment: Was Stationed At Big Mountain (BMX) 1960-61

Name: Clyde Raymer, Jr.
Residence: Wasilla, Alaska Date: Mon Apr 26 22:57:54 2004
Comment: Was not involved with construction nor maintenance. But do get the opportunity to travel to some of the same locations for GCI Communications to do Field Service on Satellite/Microwave system.

Enjoy the website and the history.

Name: Bill Moseley
Residence: Richmond, KY Date: Tue Mar 30 01:54:51 2004
Comment: Was at King Salmon and Cape Newenham in 56-57 with USAF and was at Driftwood Bay 59-60.

Name: Jessie Taylor
Residence: Las Cruces, NM Date: Thu Mar 18 03:30:42 2004
Comment: Greetings to all White Alice Techs. I was one of the first RCA tech to sign on. Class 1 of the RCA training course. Assigned to KAL Creek, tour as installer then to NE Cape, to Boswell Bay and then back as installer. 1960-65. met a lots of good people in AK and WAS. Write.

Name: Mike Timpe
Residence: Wenatchee, WA Date: Sun Mar 14 07:38:16 2004
Comment: Worked on construction of Aniak Station 7/56-8/56. Winch operator on gravel dredge on Aniak River. Pumped 60,000 cubic feet of gravel for base of antenna site. My uncle was construction superintendent for 13 of the White Alice sites, including Big Mountain, King Salmon sites. His name was Ralph Pritchard and he was employed by Morrison-Knudsen Construction.

Name: Edward Franklin
Residence: San Diego, Ca Date: Sun Mar 7 21:15:10 2004
Comment: I was USAF stationed at King Salmon 10/57 to 10/58
and I was a radar operator in AC&W and utilized the White Alice system for almost a year. I learned a lot and respected the tech reps who were always willing to explain the system.

Name: DONALD F. Dorsey
Residence: Elkridge, MD Date: Sun Mar 7 16:07:31 2004
Comment: I was at Bethel WACS from 1958 to 1959. Lynn Saupe was a good friend and the Station's Assistant Supervisor. I transferred to Sparrevohn in 1959, remaining there until RCA took over in August 1960. I was the site supervisor at Sparrevohn from Dec 1959 til I left in 1960.