richard bradley

Longtime Alaskan Richard C. "Dick" Bradley, 74, died Dec. 22, 2009, in an automobile accident near his retirement home in Moab, Utah.

Dick was born Jan. 11, 1935, in Colorado Springs, Colo. He and his family soon thereafter moved to Venice, Calif., where Dick grew up. He graduated from Venice High School in 1953, the same year his entire family drove the Alaska Highway to Anchorage. Dick attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks for two years, studying engineering. He also apprenticed as a carpenter and achieved his journeyman status.

Dick worked on many commercial and residential construction projects, including several seasons working on White Alice sites throughout Alaska. He spent a year in Europe working for International Telephone and Telegraph. On his return to Alaska, he worked for Arrow Lumber, eventually becoming manager. He was then appointed director of supply for the Alaska Department of Administration and lived in Juneau for many years.

Dick, always a craftsman when it came to woodworking, was happiest when working with his tools. His oldest California friend encouraged Dick to move back to California and work in the movie industry building sets and props. He worked for all the major movie studios as a construction foreman. Dick traveled to Egypt on the movie "Deception" and to Belize for the movie "Heart of Darkness." He also worked on "Dick Tracy," several of the "Batman" movies and "Red Corner."

He retired from the International Alliance of Theatrical and Studio Employees' Union in 2001 and moved to Moab. While in Moab, Dick donated a great deal of time assisting various charitable organizations on construction projects, taking elders to lunch and mentoring preteens. He also loved to go camping with his constant companion, his dog, Molly.

During his retirement, Dick traveled back to Alaska and throughout the U.S. and Mexico visiting friends and family. Throughout his travels, Dick was always ready to help work on whatever projects his friends had waiting for him. He ended up helping build several houses, including one in Mexico, a commercial building and many remodeling projects.

Leo "Bud" Bradley and Lois Bradley, Dick's parents, preceded him in death.

Dick is survived by his sons, Christopher K. and Timothy L. Bradley of Juneau and their mother, Lillan; brother and sister-in-law, Ron and Peggy Bradley of Fort Myers, Fla.; and brother and sister-in-law, Rod Bradley and Carmen Gutierrez of Anchorage. Other family members include his nephew and wife, Sean and Terri Bradley and children Jordan and Sean Michael of Anchorage; niece and husband, Shannon and Frank Ricca and daughters Madison and Billie Beth of Fort Worth, Texas; nephew, Adam Bradley of Reno, Nev.; and niece and husband, Kianna Bradley and Kay Little of Anchorage.

For nearly 50 years, the Bradley family had property at the old Sunrise mining site near Hope. The USGS named a mountain there Bradley Dome, where Dick's parents' ashes have been scattered. According to Dick's wishes, his ashes will be scattered there in the near future by his sons.