I received a phone call this morning (Fri, 18 Apr 2003)  from Bob Hunter's mate, Allison Lingard in Australia.  She informed me that Bob had passed on.  She did not give me exact time of day, but from what she said I believe he died yesterday evening (her time).


She said he had a heart attack some time ago, and at that time they put in a stint.  A day or so ago, apparently the stint became clogged and he had a very serious attack, leaving him on life support.

The life support was removed according to his wishes and he then completed his passing.


Some of you will remember Bob as an instructor in the Federal Electric Era at the White Alice School out on West 5th Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska.   Others will remember him in the early 1960's as the Manager of the White Alice Engineering Department at the RCA Building, 515 E Street, Anchorage.


Bob left Alaska in about 1964 (as I recall).  He later went to work with Page Communications Engineers when Page had its offices in Georgetown (Washington),  DC.  Page was engineering and building the IWCS-SEA.  When the IWCS's Maintenance and Operations phase began in the first part of 1967,  Bob was assigned to Saigon, Vietnam as the Operations Manager under Project Manager (Wild) Bill Haycock. 


In about 1969, Bob was sent to Australia to handle a bidding job.   When that was completed he decided to stay in Australia.  That was the end of his relationship with Page Communications, and also with his wife Rita in Saigon. (Rita later went back to Alaska).  Most of us never saw Bob again, after his going to Australia. 


In Queensland about 1990 (as I recall, but it could have been a bit earlier - or later), Bob was involved in the shooting of a fellow game hunter.  He was accused of murder.  Our fellow Pageneer, John Foster, through his "Pageneers-West" newsletter, organized and solicited support for Bob's defense which lasted several years. Bob suffered through two  trials, then at the third trial, all charges were dismissed and his was released from prison.  That left him broken financially, but not in spirit.  After thanking us for our support, he went about rebuilding his life.  He did not look back. My most recent contact with Bob was last fall when I mailed him a vacuum pump from Harbor Freight so he could repair his car's air conditioner.  That was typical of Bob... actually quite an intellectual.


He is survived by his son (born in Australia) and his companion of the last 12 years, Allison Lingard.

(I am uncertain as to the status of either his first wife, Rita.  I have no information at all on the status of his Australian wife, mother of his son.  And I am sorry, but I do not know his son's name.  If any one of you have such information please let me/us know -- I would like to include he son's name on the card I plan to send.)


If you care to send a card, the address is:


    Allison Lingard

    20 Phillips Street

    Bluewater, Queensland

      AUSTRALIA, 4814


May he rest on peace.


Clayton Benner