Hi Guys,
     I just got off the phone with Louise Yung and she informs me that
George died March 26, 2002.  He basically died of Alzheimers disease. 
She said he had a beautiful military funeral and she figured most of 
The town of Okeechobee must have been there.  
    In case anyone would care to drop her a line, the address is:
                          Louise Yung
                          161 Lake Drive
                          Okeechobee, Florida 34974-9237
                          Phone:   863-763-2452
 I know she would appreciate hearing from anyone that knew George. 
With the onset of the Alzheimers, it seems that most of George's
thoughts were of the DEW Line and his friends.  I'm afraid that this is
all the addresses I  have, so if any of you have more, please let them 
I know the old Sondrestom Group knew and thought a lot of him, also any
of the old group from White Alice would remember him too!  Our
numbers seem to be decreasing as time goes on!
                                Bob (Sailor) Sutherl