During a recent trip to Anchorage, I visited the University of Alaska Archives Library and browsed through their Boswell Bay collection of records that had been donated to them by Alascom after BSW was deactivated. There are 56 boxes in the archive and I managed to get through 15 of them in two days. I am planning another expedition in the near future.
So far, I have found very few records predating 1970, my guess is that the earlier records were purged by RCA when they lost the WACS contract to ITT in 1969.
Because I was not permitted to scan or photograph any of the documents and had to rely on the Library's copier, many of the pages are of low quality, and some records I did not try to copy at all because of the quality issue. Copying a crappy copy and then trying to scan it makes for an even crappier scanned image. Some documents, such as the TWX's, I have retyped to make them more legible.
The documents presented here were selected to show typical types of forms and correspondence and for name recognition.
These four pages are from the Boswell Bay station log book during and after the 1964 earthquake.

Log Book 1, Page 1,  May 1956
Teletype Messages